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Mobile home insurance

Protect your home on wheels and your assets with the right coverage

It’s important to protect your home with insurance and, if your home happens to be on wheels, there are some special considerations. Much like choosing the right mobile home, you want your insurance to fit your needs and lifestyle, but you also want the coverage to fit within your budget. Here are some guidelines for choosing mobile home insurance.

Mobile home insurance availability – If you already have auto insurance or homeowners insurance, contact your insurer to see if they offer mobile home insurance and if you are eligible for a discount. Be aware that not all insurance companies offer mobile home insurance in all states. Your insurance professional or your state insurance department can help you determine the availability of coverage in your state.

Mobile home coverage – Mobile home insurance policies provide two basic kinds of insurance—coverage for physical damage and personal liability coverage. These coverage options are generally available for rental mobile homes, commercial mobile homes, mobile homes that are used seasonally, or mobile homes located in a park or on private property.