Culbertson Agency has been on a quest to find the best pizza restaurants in Fort Myers.  Last week we gave you the first five in our top ten list of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Fort Myers.  Today we complete that list.  Without further adieu, I introduce numbers 6-10 of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Fort Myers (in no particular order).  

Best Pizza Restaurants in Fort Myers (round 2)

Jet’s Pizza

13550 Reflections Pkwy # 2, Fort Myers, FL

Jet’s Pizza is the 12th largest pizza chain in American and rising.  Recently they opened a new location right next to the Culbertson Agency, much to our enjoyment.  When my sister-in-law visits from Indiana, this is one of her must hit places to eat.  For me, Jet’s is all about the crust.  I recommend either the deep dish or the crackery thin.  You can even flavor your crust for free with things like butter, parmesan, garlic or Jet’s Turbo Crust (a mix of a whole lot of deliciousness).  If you’re on a diet, this might not be the best place.  But if you’re ready to splurge, then stop by to see why Jet’s Pizza made our list of Best Pizza in Fort Myers.    

Pizza 2000

7101 Cypress Lake Dr. # 61, Fort Myers, FL

If you are into gourmet pizza, then this is the place in Fort Myers.  They have options of red or white pizzas and smooth or chunky sauce.   The crust is chewy without being soggy and can hold all the wonderful toppings. The top notch service at Pizza 2000 is the icing on top.  If you are on a quest to find the best white pizza in Fort Myers, search no more. 

With toppings like eggplant and ricotta, chicken pesto, white clam or the shrimp, spinach and ‘shroom … don’t miss Pizza 2000. If everyone in your family isn’t as into pizza as you, this place has some amazing pasta entrées as well.  And I have to at least mention their low fat pizza … I know, I know, that’s an oxymoron, and I can’t claim I’ve given these a shot yet, but many friends have stated they have the best in healthy eating pizza in Fort Myers. 

Citrola’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria

1000 5th Street, Fort Myers Beach, FL

Located on Times Square right on Fort Myers Beach, Citrola’s has been recently reacquired by the Citrola family.  Their pizzas are hand-tossed daily and will remind most of the NY/NJ style of big floppy slices that are great for folding in half and chowing down.  They’ve also made quite a name for themselves with their famous Philly Cheesesteaks.   If you’re not headed to the beach anytime soon, you can check out their new location on College Pkwy in Fort Myers.  Whichever location you choose, the food is always high quality and consistent.  If you want real authentic NY pizza and Italian food, this is the place to go in Fort Myers. 

Downtown House of Pizza

1520 Hendry St, Fort Myers, FL

I’ve dropped by this place on a number of occasions to get a quick slice while at events downtown.   You can buy pizza by the slice or get a whole pie.  It’s hot, flavorful and can be made any way you like it.  Oh, did I mention they are open late.  How late?  Well, I’m not sure, I go to bed early … but I’ve been told you can still grab a slice on the weekends at 2am.  When I requested input from my Facebook friends, the most common phrase I heard was “as close to NYC pizza as you can get in SWFL.”  So if you’re downtown, or up really late and you are craving a slice of  NY style pizza in Fort Myers, The Downtown House of Pizza is your abode. 

Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza

14261 S Tamiami Trail # 11, Fort Myers, FL

Coal oven pizza, have you tried it?  Tony Sacco’s does all of their cooking in a 1000 degree coal-burning oven.  Their sauce is made from scratch using Italian Plum tomatoes, fresh basil and loads of garlic.  They top the pizza with fresh mozzarella (not the shredded kind, but real fresh mozz) and fresh basil.  The combination of these fresh ingredients and the super high temp makes for a very fresh tasting, yet crispy pizza.  Their ingredients are so fresh that they have no freezers in the restaurant.  Tony Sacco’s was such a hit in SWFL that they are now franchising locations across the country.

So there you have it, the Culbertson Agency list of the Top Ten Pizza Restaurants in Fort Myers.  Did your favorite make the list?  Let us know below by providing the name and a quick review so that we can check them out as we search for the best pizza places in Fort Myers. And be sure you check out the first five list here.