By now, you may have heard that St. Johns Insurance Company—one of the insurance carriers that we here at the Culbertson Agency write home insurance through—went belly up…

But what does that mean if you were insured by them?

Meet your new insurance carrier: Slide Insurance

Slide is a full-stack insurtech based out of Tampa, FL. The company was founded in 2021 by Bruce Lucas, with an emphasis on how technology can be applied to achieve better outcomes for both consumers and the business. 

Slide Insurance is swooping in to save the day for policyholders left high-and-dry after St Johns went into receivership last month. St. Johns was Florida’s eighth largest insurer, with 170 thousand policies under its portfolio at one point. Slide absorbed about 140 thousand customers when St Johns went under.

Slide Insurance says on their website:

Your new Slide insurance policy replaces the remaining term of your current St. Johns Insurance Company. No action on your part is required. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for you.

So let’s not bury the lead here, here’s all of your burning questions answered right away:

Q: “Hey! What Gives? I already paid my premium! Do I need to do anything?”

No. If you have already paid your premium, then you don’t have to pay anything additional.

Your unearned premium will transfer to Slide and your coverage will continue through the expiration of your St. Johns policy term.

Q: “So, do I need to notify my mortgage company?”

No. Slide will notify your mortgage company and provide all required information.

If your mortgage company pays your insurance premium, Slide will send your invoice to your mortgage company for payment.

Q: “I have not paid all of my premium, how do I make the remaining payments?”

If you have not paid all of your St. Johns premium, then you must make the remaining payments in order to keep your insurance coverage.

If your mortgage company pays your premium, Slide will send the required invoice to your mortgage company.

If you pay your premium directly, Slide will send you an invoice in accordance with your current St. Johns policy. Slide will send you payment instructions listed in your invoice.

Q: “​​Is there any lapse in coverage moving from St. Johns to Slide?”


Slide coverage will begin immediately after your cancellation of your St. Johns policy and it continues to provide coverage through the expiration of your current policy term on the same terms, conditions and rates.

Q: “Seriously though, what action do I need to take?”

You don’t have to do anything to maintain coverage other than to continue to pay your premium on time.

If you need more information, or would like to hear it from Slide directly, you can visit their website where they explain all this in more detail.

If you STILL have questions, please visit our contact page and send us a message through our website.