The mailman has just delivered your mail. You walk out to your mailbox and open it up. Sitting in there is an ‘all-too-familiar’ large white envelope from your insurance carrier. It’s time to renew your insurance once again. Getting that feeling of anxiety yet?

You’re not alone. Many people get those same feelings because in their mind, they’re thinking: “How much is my premium going up, now?” Some folks procrastinate a few weeks before even opening the envelope and reviewing their new policy. If this sounds eerily familiar, Culbertson Agency would like to help.

We created a new eBook called 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance to help alleviate those feelings of anxiety and to help you save money rather than spend more than you need to. After all, our motto has always been to treat others the way we would like to be treated and we would certainly like to know if we qualified for a discount or two on auto insurance.

In this FREE eBook you’ll learn how to save money on your auto insurance in ways such as:

  • Bundling Insurance to save on premiums
  • Keeping a clean driving record
  • Learning about various types of coverage
  • Ensuring you have the right level of deductible
  • Knowing about all of the discounts you qualify for!

These all contribute to lowering your insurance premium.