Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, it often strikes hard. You came home to find your front door ajar— and your home completely ransacked. Burglars stole every large electronic device you have, your fine art and jewelry, even some antique furniture.

What to do? Are these stolen or damaged items covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy? The short answer is, probably, but maybe not everything. Let’s see what is and what isn’t included.

The Benefits of Broad-Range Coverage

Many homeowner’s choose a broad-range policy, referred to as an HO-3, which helps to pay for repairing or replacing parts of your home damaged by certain perils. The theft in our beginning example would qualify for coverage by most homeowners policies, as well as an event such as an accidental fire.

However, while some natural disasters like lightning strikes, windstorms and hail are also covered, earthquake and flood damage are often excluded. As a resident in Southwest Florida, you live in a flood zone and should strongly consider purchasing additional flood insurance to protect your belongings in the event of water damage from hurricanes.

For qualifying perils, your homeowner’s insurance policy should include dwelling protection, covering your personal belongings in the event of theft or qualifying damage. This will cover the structure of your home too (for example, the burglar smashing your window to get in). It should also include coverage for other structures, like your detached garage, if also affected.

Extended Coverage Options

For those with very expensive or rare items, you may want to consider extended coverage options, which can help you to protect possessions with values above your personal property coverage limits. The amount covered will vary from policy to policy, but those with costly jewelry or fine art should strongly additional protection.

Understanding your Coverage

Are you unsure how much your current policy covers? See how yours compares to a plan through the Culbertson Agency by requesting a quick and easy homeowner’s insurance quote. As we like to say, we offer better insurance, no tricks.

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