When it comes to home security, you can’t ever be too prepared.

Many homeowners are turning to the power of outdoor surveillance systems to ensure their possessions are safe while they are away, and that their family is protected while home. Some smart home systems can even grant homeowners additional discounts on their insurance premiums.

We’re here to explore some key features worth considering when choosing the best outdoor camera. We’re also going to share our top three home security choices based on their combined affordability and functionality.

Key Features of Outdoor Security Cameras

Before purchasing a home security camera, it helps to consider:

  • How much coverage you’ll need. Consider the viewing angles you’d like covered and how much space a single camera can capture. A wider lens may eliminate the need for more than one device.
  • If you need night vision capabilities. Those worried about late night mischief should consider purchasing and infrared camera with enough LEDs to ensure it reaches proper vision range for your desired coverage.
  • How much time you want recorded. If you want to backlog a few days worth of recording time, you may want to invest in a camera with cloud storage features.
  • The quality of footage you desire. The higher the camera’s resolution, there more clear it will be to see. It could mean the difference between capturing a license plate number of an intruder or only seeing a blurred string of unreadable letters and numbers.
  • Accessing your footage on-the-go. Many cameras today can be streamed live and viewed directly on your smartphone. Oftentimes, these apps can alert you when usual activity is caught in front of the lens.

Our 3 Favorite Home Security Cameras

While there are dozens of surveillance cameras on the market, these stand out for their combination of features and price.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest is a highly-rated electronic brand, and with all these security cameras features, it’s no wonder why it landed number one on some hot lists like

  • Weatherproof. Because this Nest camera is designed to place on the outside of your home, it’s been tested to withstand mother nature’s worse.
  • Hardwired to your home. Which means no need worrying about dead batteries.
  • Smartphone alerts. The camera watches for motion and listens too for loud noises, pinging your phone with an alert and a photo of the commotion.
  • Works with Alexa. The Nest can communicate with other smart devices around your home, including your Alexa. Turn on your smart light bulbs to spook a burglar, through the app.
  • Built-in speaker and mic. Spook a trespasser by talking through the device or let the postal worker know if they can leave the package on your doorstep or or not. With two way audio, you can hear their response as well.
  • 1080p with night-friendly vision. See crisp HD footage, day or night. Plus, the camera also boasts an 8x zoom feature.
  • Cloud storage. Save 10 or 30 days of continuous video history in the cloud.
  • Reasonable price. This security camera is available on Amazon for $179.99. While this is more expensive than some other competing outdoor cameras, it’s well worth the investment, according to many reviewers.

Amcrest Pro HD

Mashable rated this Amcrest outdoor security camera as the “Best Outdoor Camera” for its high-quality footage and affordability.

  • Weatherproof, smartphone alerts and cloud storage. This camera offers features comparable to these three Nest features outlined above. Data can also be stored on a mircoSD card.
  • 1269p with night-friendly vision. While many competing camera brands only record in 1080, this camera offers improved resolution and night vision able to capture action up to 98 feet away.
  • Fixed. Whereas some other cameras allow you to zoom or tilt, the Amcrest Pro is fixed.
  • No sound. Unlike the Nest or other cameras, you can’t broadcast or hear noise.
  • Extremely affordable. While this security camera might not have a long list of fancy features, it’s only $79.98 on Amazon— and still gets the job done, recording quality footage.

Hikvision Network Dome

The Hikvision Dome is known for its durability and fair priced installation.

  • Weatherproof, 1080p, smartphone compatible, night-friendly. Like the security cameras described above, the Dome offers comparable features. However, it lacks the ability for cloud storage.
  • Three-axis adjustments. This outdoor security camera has adjustable pan, tilt and rotation to find the perfect position.
  • Vandal-resistant. While other cameras at can easily be smashed, this Hikvision’s dome structure makes it harder to break and can be positioned high.
  • Extremely affordable, with added installation. This product is only $95.99 on Amazon, or $155.03 with professional installation. That’s a great deal for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing their device themselves.

Do you Have your Home Insured?

Sometimes no matter what protection you have, things happen. Burglars creep around blind spots away from cameras, and if you only have outdoor devices, can still break in and steal your possessions.

Is it actually a video doorbell system you’re looking for? Check out our article on our three favorite smart doorbell cameras.

Are the contents of your home insured, or only partly insured?

Get a free homeowners insurance quote today. Our team at Culbertson Agency can ensure you have the protection you need.